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Freddy Vs Jason
  Album Review - 13-8-2003
'Winter Chill': 2 share with soul-mates
Various: 'Winter Chill 06.04: Tracks From The Darker Side Of Chill'
(Hed Kandi)
‘Winter Chill’ is a band-aid for cracked humans

Compilations, as you may have noted, alongside soundtracks is in our view no more than a cash-cow. Why buy something at the reduced price when you didn’t want it in the first place, probably? Releases without any redeeming justification whatsoever. But then - what would a credo be sans twisting rules? [Critic is nought but an exaggerated opinion prone to bending like chords in Jimi‘s hands.]

Thus, we gladly report that ‘Winter Chill 06.04: Tracks From The Darker Side Of Chill’ is a collection of tracks that can heal fallen angels of capitalistic Chrimbosis. Yep, it is a concept disc that fondles aching spirits by applying lazer-sutures pop-patches fail helping.

These ‘Tracks From The Darker Side Of Chill’ bleed emotions like spring melting snow, playing downtempos with mellifluous zing to lulls us into true post-existentialism dancetique. Its warped exceptions are many and varied - Sugarbabes and Lamb - and yet fit together like a doomsday machine. It takes you through storms and deserts on a horse named Mustang.

Guys at hed kandi have done such a great job of weaving obvious with exceptional to fix a moody, brooding, introspective, dark but never depressive aural picture. Hauntingly beautiful melodies and nerve tingling vocals, this seasonal soundtrack swells with orchestral waves that conquer sceptics like light pouring out of a wintry morn.

The 2-CD set combines better-known acts - Goldfrapp, Mazzy Star, Snow Patrol, Katie Melua, FC Kahuna - with the homegrown artist Bonnie Bailey and old co-conspirators Late Night Alumni and Lamb plus debuting Gaelle and Nikka Costa. Then, the sublime Polly Paulusma, succulent Nat Imbruglia, incessant Husky Rescue and I Am Kloot…

This stellar cast offer lanes of chill of such quality to pick goodies… They all offer individual slices of insta-heaven by delivering temporary sound havens. Without any need of hype ‘Winter Chills 06:04’ secures well-deserved calm to compliment post-vigorous downtime… It also may cause, in more desperate specimens, certain erotic visualisations like the Janet Jackson’s power-breast last year…

‘Winter Chill’ guarantees shivers, so pull down that beanie and prepare yourself for some serious cold comforts… Much more effective than the TV advertised cold remedy. Much better than any other highway of soul mining in solitude or singular expeditions far from the maddening world of bargain sales…

As the sharp days rule outside, these 32 tracks of indoor music are like an electric blanket for the frozen spirit. Chill brill with a ‘Black Cherry’ on top. What are you doing with that axe, Alison?


This compilation also celebrates an annum (2004, in case you were out) being hed kandi’s most successful year to date clocking up a host of the hottest chart topping albums, an anthemic #6 single in the UK charts, more than 500 of the most stylish club nights brimming with over 800,000 clubbers worldwide! If this year is anything to go by then 2005 is definitely shaping up to be equally as heady for the label.

Live date: Hed Kandi Parties present ‘Winter Chil Ball’ on 22 January at Pacha, London

‘Winter Chill 06.04 - Tracks From The Darker Side Of Chill’ compilation is released 10 January 2005 by hed kandi