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by Scott Sterling-Wilder

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Brian Eno: the truly renaissance man
Brian Eno: 'Another Day'
Brian Eno: peerless step into the future

Three personal [r]evolutionary moments: 1. Hearing The Beatles’ intro to ‘I Feel Fine’ single (in 1964), 2. Can’s ‘Monster Movie’ LP (in 1970) and 3. Brian Eno’s ‘Here Comes The Warm Jets’ album (in 1974). And, in betwixt, there was the little matter of Roxy Music’s ‘For Your Pleasure’ (in 1973). Brian Eno, the lord of the cyber-manor.

Sonic inventor, sound futurist, political thinker, producer, visual artist, theoretician, writer, self-described ‘non-musician’ and pioneer who’d invented sampling and ambient electronica - finds himself on the crossroads. Making music has become disgustingly simple… So, he’s turned toward more traditional songs with lyrics but - it still sounds like something from a lab of a tonal Wizard.

It is simply richer musical offering from Eno where lyrics are oblique and evocatively add to the complex textures: spiritual sounding, music hall in parts and avant-garde pop, it is insta-classic… As you’d expect it, actually.


Tracklisting: This - And Then So Clear - A Long Way Down - Going Unconscious - Caught Between - Passing Over - How Many Worlds - Bottomliners - Just Another Day - Under - Bonebomb

Scott Sterling-Wilder
Brian Eno’s album ‘Another Day On Earth’ is released 13 June 2005 by Rykodisc