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by SashaS

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Live: Goldfrapp
Brixton Academy, London
Thursday, October 6, 2005
Goldfrapp: a star is certified

From the opening tones of ‘Utopia’, to the very climax, Goldfrapp simply keep us spellbound with a show that is completely tHEiR own world. If there has been any doubt about her status, these thousands of fans know the score - she is the one and only female artist that can take the top spot with quality, integrity, sexuality and enough mystic to keep the magic brewing for a long time.

Dressed in a black catsuit with a flowing pink cape over an explosion of blonde curls, she dominates this spectacular show with ease. Backed by a band and dancers - who often wore animal masks over their faces - Alison performed splendidly but kept away from getting into shallow banter with her audience.

‘Train’ followed, then ‘Lovely Head’, ‘Ride A White Horse’, the goodies arriving with regularity, each a highlight, each a precious nugget… Promoting the August released Number Two album, ‘Supernature’, Alison found time for a mid-set ballads, as if to prove wrong all the detractors who claim her vocal ability is as limited as Madonna’s.

‘Satin Chic’, ‘Strict Machine’, ‘Slide In’, ‘Ooh La La’ (Number 4 in the UK)… Imagine Glam-rock invented in Weimer Germany but played by Krautrockers; the twist is that is fronted by a glammed-up and sexed-up Goddess with imagination for presentation that is more like being visualised by ‘Alien’-style set-designer. Yo, Alison [and backroom partner Will Gregory] honour the past but are firmly facing the future.

Awesome, ‘Wow!’ - people are heard sighing around - boys are filled with desire the size of K2, girls are losing inhabitations… we all capitulate in front of this pop Divinity! Catch her at the earliest opportunity [before she becomes a speck on arena circuit], or - failing that - get the live album [via their website] or a forthcoming DVD.

Goldfrapp have/are recording several of the UK shows for an extra-special 'Live Here Now' CD whereby the entire show that they have just performed will be available on a Limited Edition Double live CD less than 10 minutes after each show ends. ‘Live Here Now’ CDs can be pre-ordered via the website ( for home delivery or before the show at the venue and then collected after the performance.

The band are also filming several shows for a DVD to be released in not-so-distant future.

Goldfrapp’s album ‘Supernature’ is available now via Mute