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Various: The Mix 50
Album Review


‘The Mix 50’: songs for Indian Summer

In the corporate world where everything lasts as long as a lunch break, there should be a standing ovation, fanfare and, probably, 21 guns salute - because hed kandi have released its 50th album!

It certainly is a pivotal release in the history of the label that offers 3CDs jam-packed with distinctive kandi sounds from the classic to the forward looking, perfect for extending the summer vibe further into the autumnal sunshine. This really is music for Indian Summer!

Each CD is themed as one of kandi's peerless albums, from 'Disco Heaven' to 'Twisted Disco' and a brand new 'Back To Love', the latter being a collection of classic 12-incher versions. As ever, the quality of tracks defines this HK release, and 'The Mix 50' is not lacking in goodness.

Totalling 39 tracks of audience-endorsed anthems plus a healthy splash of new masterpieces that will surely enrich kandi folklore, this album is a faultless collection designed to bring flavour of your favourite party nights to the comfort around your own fireplace!

The tracks range from Roger Sanchez to Adamski, Mylo to Kurtis Mantronik, Gus Gus to StoneBridge, Timo Mass to Basement Jaxx to Peyton…

This 50th release features cut after cut of shimmering funky house anthems that have become nothing short of legendary among not only the Kandi aficionados but much further beyond.


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