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'Rom & Ciggies' poster: Kate Winslett
Every picture's Adobe'd
Shirley Manson, Kate Winslett

Garbage-talk: Bush bashing over gay marital rights

Garbage singer Shirley Manson has slammed US President George W. Bush for his support of any future constitutional amendment outlawing gay marriage.

The 'Stupid Girl' star finds it repulsive that while heterosexual couples like socialite Nicky Hilton and money manager Todd Meister can get their marriages annulled after a few weeks, or Birtney Spears, gay partners have no rights at all in contemporary America.

Manson says, "It makes me so sad to think about all the seriously committed gay couples who are struggling and fighting for the right to enter into the institution of marriage."

"Meanwhile silly little girls like Nicky Hilton are able to make an absolute mockery of it and, besides the odd raised eyebrow or two, totally get away with it just because they're heterosexual. It's so unjust."

"I find it abhorrent that anybody should be able to tell somebody how they can live their life."

"Nobody, in the America I know, is represented by the Bush administration."

We'd like to point two things here: Ms Manson is Scottish and has no right to bash Bush - it ain't her f**king country!

Second, I wouldn't believe a word she says about her marriage because she recently split from her husband.

Winslett gravity-defying boobs

The pix herwith is a promo poster for a new movie - 'Romance and Cigarettes' - that is buffling. The actor's assets are aiming straight up at the sky which is physically impossible.

The actress defying gravity is Kate Winslett who appears to have had a little PhotoShop help. Nevertheless impressive, wethinks.

Klam Meraffe

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