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Garbage: end of the road for the band?
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T In The Park, Garbage, Emma Pollock

T In The Park is ready

Fans are getting ready for this weekend’s T In The Park and Oxegen festivals: this weekend (09-10 July), Balado near Kinross will see thousands of music fans make the trek to see headliners including Foo Fighters and Green Day.

In Ireland, Punchestown Racecourse will see a similar line-up.

Kasabian are one of the bands on the bill. Speaking to, bandmember Tom Meighan said that based on past experience, T In The Park is one of the best festivals they’ve played.

He said: “We played T last year and it was f**king incredible. We were the first on the NME Stage, being babies at festivals and all that, and they’d left the gates shut for too long, so we walked on and there were two people there. By the time I turned around after the second song there were 10,000 people. It was rammed.”

The latest weather forecast for T In The Park predicts a largely sunny weekend, with temperatures in the mid 20s.

Garbage: end in sight?

With the hardship that went into making Garbage’s ‘Bleed Like Me‘, Butch Vig and Duke Erikson told Canadian magazine/online organ ChartAttack they are not sure whether a fifth album is on the cards.

"I don't know if I wanna make another record," says Vig. "But I might. We'll do this tour and see what the vibe is and how we feel a year from now."

"I think we all feel like we've broken out of prison,” Erikson puts it more philosophically, “and we're running around the world and it feels so goddamn good. And the thought of going back to the cell now is not a pleasant thought."

And if that means the latest Garbage release is also the last, Erikson can live with it.

"We've never looked at it as this eternal thing," he continues. "We can't believe we've been together for 10 years, and the reason is that we always expected it to be one more record, one more tour and then we'll see."

One wonders if they spoke with Ms. Mason about it?

Emma Pollock signs with 4AD

4AD are delighted to announce that Emma Pollock has signed a recording deal with the label. Pollock co-founded The Delgados and their Chemikal Underground record label in the mid-1990s and, as well as being a distinguished, distinctive songwriter, she also possesses one of the most beguiling voices around.

Emma will spend the remainder of 2005 writing, demoing and recording. Her debut solo album will be released next year.

Klam Meraffe

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