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by Pasha Tasna

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  Album Review - 14-1-2005
'Freddy Vs Jason': heavy 'goodness'-full
Various: 'Freddy Vs Jason'
OST that cause emo-tremors

What do you consider a good Original Soundtrack? The one that underlines the action without actually being noticeable, such as classical pieces, the orchestral, atmo- or cyber-toned? Or the overwhelming one that helps sell the (inferior) picture? It obviously depends on a film and there is no formula (we like to believe)… So, what would be your ideal music to back ‘Freddy Vs Jason’ visuals? One of the above kind or something else?

Freddy Krueger and Jason Friday are rock-horror figures, the cinematographic equivalent to Rob Zombie/White Zombies, The Cramps, Murderdolls (contributing ‘Welcome To The Strange’ here) and Slipknot. Thus, ‘Freddy Vs. Jason’ starts in a heavy-melodic vein with Ill Niño’s ‘How Can I Live’ before Killswitch Engage release the first sonic bomb with ‘When Darkness Falls’ (and they ain’t singing about the new British HM-cum-joke band).

Spineshank then add their pound of (heavy) flesh with ‘Beginning Of The End’ and more intensity comes from Hatebreed (‘Condemned Until Rebirth’). ‘Knot offer a gem from the past, never-before-released ‘Snap (’97 demo)’ while the Corey Taylor/Jim Root’s offshoot StoneSour contribute ‘Inside The Cynic’. Chimaira shines with ‘Army Of Me’ and amidst the remaining tracks (20 in total) is a very curio collab of Sepultura and Mike Patton, ‘The Waste’, that drops you inside the mouth of a Hell’s whale!

It appears we live in an era of evolutionary everything – with the possible exception of culture that is generally recycling of past glories or, more frequently – failures: things are developing constantly but it is very surprising how rarely people think in evolutionary terms. It is a human blind spot; we look at the world around us as a snapshot when it is really a movie, constantly changing. Of course we know it is changing but we behave as if it never is.

We deny the reality of change and prefer to preserve memories of a period we felt cool in, happy and happening. Nostalgia is the refuge of time-eroding egos.

The crux is whether an OST stands on its own, without support from the flick. Yeah, this does, solidly and it can scare all your f**ked up family members.


Pasha Tasna
‘Freddy Vs Jason’ soundtrack is released 11 August 2003 by Roadrunner