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by Scott Sterling-Wilder

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The Godfather of Punk's 'Anthology'
Iggy Pop: 'A Million In Prizes - The Iggy Pop Anthology'
The Godfather of Punk's anthology

Iggy Pop may be the Godfather of punk and an anti-hero for several of passé generations, it is only now the man is getting the long-overdue mass recognition. With the recent ‘South Bank Show’ interview, re-release of the first two Stooges albums [he fronted them originally - 36 years ago!] and this lovely two-CD retrospective. Or, half of it…

There is Debbie Harry collaboration on ‘Well Did You Evah’, the sleeve notes also offers a career retrospective and are highlighted with quotes from some of music’s most influential artists, such as David Bowie, D. Harry, Henry Rollins, Chrissie Hynde and many more.

Disc One is loaded with The Stooges’ tracks and Pop’s collabs with Bowie whilst the Disc Two is as exciting as the new remake of ‘King Kong’!

God help as will all the crap shovelled on our ‘art’ plate!


Scott Sterling-Wilder