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Querelle: gone back to forward motion
Querelle: 'Querelle'
(Sink & Stove)
Querelle: 29 minutes of bliss!

In this world so is full of hype and celebrities entertaining us, it is so stimulating to get something bright, unknown and unexpected! In particular during the summer months when it looks like the only decent things released are on independent labels. Enter the world of Querelle, a trio of reprobates on this Bristol label release.

The seven tracker is a mini album that pulsates with alternative hats on, something like Sonic Youth but dirtier sounding! ‘Shanty Town’ takes us in nicely but then ‘Sore’ explodes like a nightmare… They also know the darker places that are as sparse as a minimalist painting on ‘Just A Song’ but as mesmerising as a sexy dream.

Querelle is born and bred in London, but conceived in Italy. Surging with the forward motion but veering off from the trendy ‘retro’ since late 2001, the outfit debuted live Upstairs at the Garage in support of their beloved companion The Dudley Corporation. “The line up currently consists of 2 cocks, 2 tits, 10 strings and 2 sticks,” explains their site. And very nice looking at that and we ain‘t talking drums’n’wires here!

Gypsy on vocals and guitars, Antonio on bass and Valentina (drums and percussion), the threesome know their Blonde Redhead from Siouxsie’s Banshees and generally sound post-punk. But, they appear to have listened more to Joy Division than Magazine, for instance.

Querelle have created a bit of a stir in the UK capital, and mated with KaitO, Life Without Buildings, Degrassi, Econoline among many others. Its music, so far, has been available on a bunch of various compilation CDs as well as shared vinyls with the Wow first, and The Dudley Corporation recently.

‘Querelle’ offers reasonable rocking to occupy our attention on ‘I Don’t Want It’ but ‘Insect-o-cuter’ goes more neurotic/menacing; ‘Little Silly Things’ is dreamily funky, alike Talking Heads turning country-ish that segues into this noise-fest… ‘Diverging’ closes this EP with a deeper rocking spirit that playfully churns out goodnick vibes!

Querelle are noisy, rousing and rebellious sounding over this 29 minutes of bliss!


Querelle’s mini-album ‘Querelle’ is released on 25 July 2005 via Sink & Stove