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by SashaS

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Kottonmouth Kings: Hip-hop rocking punks
Kottonmouth Kings: 'Kottonmouth Kings'
(Suburban Noize)
Kottonmouth Kings: about disasters that can cause concussion

The showbiz has become so obsessed with vacuity, quick cash-in and overriding desire to discard constructing longevity… We should fight against the forces that continually push campaigns at us that are of the - theme park standard: so common, so dull, so mainstream, so blockbuster… The overriding demand for - dross! trivia! Kitsch! Pop culture by taste's lobotomy.

Add to it the terror that has gripped attention of Londoners and no amount of entertainment - good, bad, mediocre, crass - can take our minds off fear. As much as we strive not to let it downgrade our freedom - literal and of thought - deep down it feels like a total tragedy is being performed.

The new fear we live around is like a black hole that is constantly expending. There is a tension in your stomach, the bitterest taste in mouth, some doomsday aura is about due to not knowing who-where-when-why-how it is coming from… The suspicion grows on a tube carriage faster than in a Raymond Chandler’s pulp-fiction.

Alas, a return to the dark and gloomy past looks inevitable with all the elements focused on the country’s way of life. The ideal of multiculturalism of the past several decades certainly burst like a kiddie’s bubble toward the end of the last century. There was no unity of cultures but a segregation, isolationism of moral and self-preservation of religious values.

That’s the world in which Kottonmouth Kings - in existence since 1994 - release their self-titled debut album in the UK. Auto-described as “psychedelic Hip-hop punk rock” outfit from Orange County offer themes, views and comments that are common the world over and, certainly - highly entertaining. Fronted by Brad Daddy X [ex-Humble Gods], rappers Saint Vicious and D-Loc, DJ Bobby B. and “visual assassin” Pakelika, these honchos mix-a-lot into their sound and can easily outdo Bestie Boys [re: ‘Revolution’], can outstrip many rappers [who are selling souls for R&B-like profit and fame] and out-rock a lot of bands pretending to have an ‘attitude’. ‘Wasted’!

Chronic fighting songs… On one track re-enforced by the grass-loving Cypress Hill [‘Put It Down’]… KMK were due to tour UK in September/October but it looks like their itinerary back home is filled until the beginning of December. Whenever they cross Atlantic, go and check out yourself this - sound of the suburban uprising.

We sleep to dream perchance of mind sculptures. The event horizon of imagination… There are fewer and fewer places where we can escape via ‘arts’… ‘KMK’ is an awakening oblivion of 75 minutes…


Kottonmouth Kings’ album ‘Kottonmouth Kings’ is released 25 July 2005 by Suburban Noize