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[Wo]men of importance
  News - 12-7-2005
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  News - 30-6-2005
Cherubs: men of certain [2 B] importance
Cherubs: 'A Man of No Importance'
Cherubs: meaty-gritty dancefloor ditty

Summertime and, according to the old song, the living is supposed to be easy. Alas, it certainly isn’t if you are looking for some new releases or, God forbid, new sounds. The Rakes - [wo]man, how many times can we hear the same, recycled ideas? Hasn’t anyone got any original notion anymore?

We need to look deeper, broader, more indie… A few months ago an album was released that showed a great potential - Cherubs’ ‘Uncovered By Heartbeat’. The band has now extracted their third single [although their second, ‘Club Hoola Hoop’s Walls’ is not on the debut album], ‘A Man Of No Impotance’, that is a little delight for anyone who is interested in music beyond the scope of contemporary template.

A tad pop-punky - in The Undertones vein - a bit funky, catchy and utterly danceable, it is a sound of Summer to add to the mini-heatwave Britons are enjoying right now. Hot, pumping, melodic with guitar adding lashes of coolest chords… Although it will not alienate fans of Interpol, Bloc Party and Franz Ferdinand, it adds to it with a greater understanding of what some funky-rockers [like Gang Of Four] were all about. Demo version of the maiden 7’’ contains even heavier grooved rhythm.

The band’s biography is a maze of a lot of dreaming and planning but even more trying out different line-ups: formed in 1998 by Joergen and Espen, who met through their girlfriends, it took two years before anybody picked up an instrument. The Scandinavian lads then moved to London and a series of drummers and guitar players went through their rank until Matthew and Glenn joined for the personnel we now know.

Their first gig was supporting The Libertines on 18 December 2002 with whom they also toured back home but got stranded there due to the lack of funds [Feb. 2003]. A fan with deep pockets bought tickets to get everybody back to London and also paid for the recording of a demo. The band continued to gig including the now legendary show supporting The Libertines reunion at the Tap N Tin in Chatham, Kent.

Cherubs recorded their debut album in August 2004 with the first single ‘Hey Bunny’ released on 25 October. In late November they entered the studio to cut the second single [released on 21 February]; the debut album’s streetdate was 18 April.

Cherubs is a band worth keeping ears, eyes and other senses on.


Cherubs’ single ‘A Man Of No Importance’ is released 15 August 2005 by Cargo