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Baxter Dury: 'Floorshow' artwork
Baxter Dury/Various: 'Floorshow'/'The Cave'
(Rough Trade/Roadrunner)
Baxter Dury's 'Floorshow'/'The Cave' OST

Baxter Dury: 'Floorshow'

Baxter Dury's new album 'Floorshow' is a bit of a mixed bag of goodies, lesser cuts and some tracks that are reminscient of - whose son he is. [If in doubt - Ian Dury.] This is the follow-up to his critically acclaimed debut album 'Len Parrot’s Memorial Lift'.

Stand-out tracks include the forthcoming single 'Lisa Said', a dreamy cut that flows towards dreamland, but before that is 'Cocaine Man', song that proves he's the son of his father. The opening 'Francesca’s Party' is seriously impressive but 'Waiting For Surprises' is ready to experiment with its jazzy-leaning. There are more songwritery compositions such as 'Sister Sister', the titular cut and the majestically closing 'Dirty Water'...

The album was produced by Baxter, Nick Terry and mixed by Craig Silvey (The Coral, Magic Numbers) it was recorded in West London in the winter of 2004/05.

Its cover is striking and how will stores handle it is a very big question. [Can't imagine Americans allowing it anywhere near a shelf!]

Track listing as follows: 'Francesca’s Party' - 'Cocaine Man' - 'Lisa Said' - 'Waiting for Surprises' - 'Young Gods' - 'Sister Sister' - 'Floor Show' - 'Cages' - 'Dirty Water'


Various: 'The Cave'

"Beneath Heaven Lies Hell, Beneath Hell Lies... 'The Cave'!" Runs one tagline but what we are more concerned with - "There are places man was never meant to go… And this is how it sounds…"

Deep in the Romanian forest, a team of scientists stumbles upon the ruins of a 13th century abbey. On further inspection, they make a startling discovery - the Abbey is built over the entrance to a giant underground cave system. Local biologists believe the cave could be home to an undiscovered eco-system, so they hire a group of American cave-explorers to help them investigate its depths.

Jack (Cole Hauser) and his brother Tyler (Eddie Cibrian) are thrill-seeking professional cave explorers who run a team of the top divers in the world. They arrive in Romania with all the latest equipment, including a new type of scuba tank allowing a diver to remain submerged for up to 24 hours. The crack unit, which also includes Charlie (Piper Perabo - the star of smash hit ‘Coyote Ugly’) and Buchanan (Morris Chestnut), immediately begins their exploration. But what they find deep inside the caves is not jst a new eco-system, but an entirely new species all together…

Not much of a storyline but then - what is nowadays. The last 5 seconds are good but for that you can wait for a DVD that will be very soon in your local shoppe. The movie opens this Friday but we have, what we are concerned with - the soundtrack and that is the saving grace!

‘The Cave’ OST features the heavy school of current metal such as Killswitch Engage, Nightwish, Trivium, Bleeding Through and Open Hand. ‘The Cave’ original soundtrack includes some whopping tracks, rare and unreleased).

Herewith is the list of the 19 tracks of metal-core beauty and the choice is yours:

1. Killswitch Engage - 'Irreversal'
2. Nightwish - 'Nemo'
3. Atreyu - 'You Eclipsed Me'
4. Ill Nino - 'I'll Find A Way'*
5. Shadow's Fall - 'Inspiration On Demand'
6. Trivium - 'Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr (Edit)'*
7. Lacuna Coil - 'Daylight Dancer'
8. Open Hand - 'Hard Night'
9. Bleeding Through - 'Love Lost In A Hail Of Gunfire'
10. Diecast - 'Medieval'
11. Strapping Young Lad - 'Love ?'
12. Bury Your Dead - 'Magnolia'
13. It Dies Today - 'A Threnody For Modern Romance'
14. Mastodon - 'Blood & Thunder'
15. Vext - 'Prescription'
16. Burning Bridges - 'King Of The Demimonde'
17. Egypt Central - 'Taking You Down'
18. Devilinside - 'Conflicted, Conditioned'
19. Candiria - 'Bring The Pain/Multiple Incisions'


Baxter Dury's album 'Floorshow' is released 22 August 2005 by Rough Trade

'The Cave' soundtrack is released 22 August 2005 by Roadrunner