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50 Cent: 'The Massacre' of a career?
50 Cent: 'The Massacre'
50 Cent: no justification...

“Rap started out with a lot of anger, then they threw a lot of money at these guys and they missed the point,” soul legend Isaac Hayes commented recently before urging young Americans to concentrate on making ‘organic’ music.

“I'd like to see kids play live music more. They've been throwing mad money at them, which is fine, but they need real art, some real music education. That will ensure that the art will continue.”

“Back then, you knew who Kool & The Gang was, the Ohio Players and Earth, Wind & Fire. You could tell the Spinners from the Delfonics. Now everything sounds alike.”

'The Massacre' is mellow.

It is an album about a fantasy-hood.

Strutting down da Bling street.

Ending in a Disco Urbaniqo.

50 Cent has become Auto-relevant.


Fiddy Citizen
50 Cent's album 'The Massacre' is released 07 March 2005 by Shady/Aftermath/Interscope