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StereoSushi No. 7: 'Teriyaki'
Various: 'Stereo Sushi: Teriyaki'
(Hed Kandi)
Teriyaki is an ace two-course banquet

There really are few things we’d love to know answers to and one of them isn’t “The meaning of life?” [because we know it and it surely ain‘t ‘42’]:

- What are the consuming generations circa the late 1980s going to soundtrack their memories with?

- What is the point of having a collection when it will be hard to find hardware to play it on?

- Why has technology been allowed to destroy the ‘first/original edition’ concept?
[Any subsequent version of an album is an improvement by being loaded with bonus/extra material.]

Thank Gott’hen there is music to take our minds off such philosophical musing and engage our physique that [hopefully] leads to using some other muscles in different [preferably horizontal] position. Thus, Hed Kandi’s little sister label Stereo Sushi release ‘Teriyaki’ is another saucy selection of radiant clubture cuts plucked fresh from the jaws of time.

This double disc is divided into two courses and the first one serves the soulful funk of Jay-J’s ‘Start It Up’ [featuring Latrice Barnett], with side-orders of Solidarity’s ‘Find A Way’ and Colette’s ‘Feelin’ Hypnotyzed’… Masters At Work’s [feat. Patti Austin] breeze with summery abandon on ‘Like A Butterfly’, Candy Apple [feat. Joy Malcolm] go discoid on ‘Under The Spell’ but it is Hardsoul that nails the kitsch 70s lounge grooves on ‘Committed.’

The second course comes from the kitchen where the chefs Morillo [feat. Terra Deva] concocted the opener ‘What Do You Want’, Hott 22 whipped ‘Ain’t No Love’ for Octhavia to wrap her honeyed tonsils around it, The Seawind Project prepared a dessert flavoured by samba-beating carnival atmosphere on ‘Free’ [featuring Emily McEwan] and The Astro- phunkers set the after-dinner nibbles of Balearic guitar strums and galloping bongo licks on ‘Another Place (In The Shape of You)’. Coffee and brandy were wheeled in by Bah Samba on pulsating ‘Portuguese Love’.

This Stereo Sushi compilation #7 is part of the Hed Kandi series that is held in high esteem by connoisseurs of hedonistic rhythms. This ‘Teriyaki’ is mechanoid, funkoid, android, phukoid, delightoid...

As far as we hear - music for Saturday night turning into Sunday morning… or any other day, if you can afford the time!


Stereo Sushi compilation ‘Teriyaki’ is released 21 March by Hed Kandi