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Jack in PlantLife-like green jacket
Funk ‘The Last Song’
PlantLife and some funky s**t

"It doesn’t matter whether people consider what we’re doing to be Hip-hop, funk, soul, electro, whatever…In the early days of Hip-hop it was ‘anything goes as long as it’s fresh’, and that’s what we are about," is Jack Splash’s quote and he ain’t kidding. Last year’s album ‘The Return of Jack Splash’ was all of it and more, and Pharrell Williams agreed: “This is some new and different s**t”.

‘The Last Song’ single now reminds us of those left-of-centre urban sounds, with addition of a brand new track ‘U Can Have It All’, by making more impact amid the morally corrupt dancing youth and some rock-orientated crowd. It’s not only ‘bootylicious’ shakers that Mr Splash and his partners-in-vibe - Panda One (instrumentation & production), Dena Deadly (vocals) and Rashida (dj and background vocals) - blast because this band is not comfortable playing within one genre only.

Jack (lead vocals, instrumentation & production) was around London and we decided to find out how funked up things have been.

‘The Return of Jack Splash’ is basically - party music: do you lead a party-animal life?

“Sometimes. I’m a Libra so I like to keep it balanced. Sometimes I’m off the chain and sometimes I just like to be in the studio working on new songs. Even when we’re in the studio though, we’re usually having a little party. It’s very easy to get out of control in Los Angeles and I have to admit that I’ve been pretty out of control at certain points. I’m cool now though.”
What is function of music at the time of turmoil? [Oblivion from the horror of Iraq, Afghanistan and other spots of American ‘democratisation’, mass fear of …?]

“Beauty, insight, communication, stress-reliever, olive-branch, counter-intelligence, sexual-stimulant.”
Has music still got the power or it traded its soul for easy bucks and celeb-like fame?

“Some music still has the power. It depends on the artist. If an artist has soul then no matter how much money they make they stay true to their heart. U2 and Bruce Springsteen have each sold millions of records for over a decade and they still write from their hearts.”
Next album: writing/planning/demoing?

“Almost finished. I’ll give you a hint… It has something to do with dreams…”
If you could have anyone, who would be your ultimate guest vocalist?

“Sly Stone. He has so much love in his voice and his energy lives forever. You can hear his energy in so many other amazing artists like Prince, Miles Davis, etc.”

What is the rumour you’d like to start about yourself?

“I don’t need to start any more rumours. There’s already about enough rumours. In Australia there was a rumour that PlantLife was really Andre 3000’s side project… Funny s**t. There’s been plenty of other scandalous rumours about us, but I think I’ll keep those on the DL.”
Have you ever trashed a hotel room?

“I’ve definitely trashed some hotel rooms. I don’t trash hotel rooms while I’m on tour though because then you get sued from the hotels. I was trashing hotel rooms years ago when I used to hang out with strippers in LA. I actually remember one time when we were partying in this room. I don’t really remember the whole night, but the next weekend the girls that I was with showed me a picture of myself in the bathtub washing this strippers dirty little feet. Needless to say that was not one of my better moments!”
Have you ever gambled a serious amount of money?

“Not really. Gambling money is boring to me. I go to Las Vegas a bunch, but I usually end up at the bars and the strip clubs. I get too bored gambling. When I win I just want to win more and then I usually keep going until I lose, and when I lose I get pissed off… So, it’s really just a waste of time for me.”

Who is the biggest celebrity you know (or have met)?

“Manut Bol. I’m not sure if that’s the correct spelling of his name [near enough, only one ‘e’ missing in Manute] but he played for the LA Lakers basketball team. I met him when I was a tiny little boy. When he signed an autograph for me he had to get on his kneed and then he still had to bend over because he was still too tall.
What is your most expensive item of clothing?

“My platinum-plated Cameo-styled jock-strap. I haven’t worn it yet, I’m saving it for a special tour date.”
If playing live is a huge turn on, how do you keep your hormones in check at other times?

“I make music. If I didn’t make music I would probably still be sleeping around like the slut that I used to be. I’m kind of over that phase now though so music gets me off and is just as exciting as anything.”
What comes after music on your agenda: alcohol, sex or drugs?

“More music. Then probably alcohol and sex. You need to be careful though because if you drink too much then it’s hard to perform (both onstage and in the bedroom!)”
What would be the choice for your ‘Last Song’? [Own music excluded!]

“I can’t really answer that. It’s too freaky of a question to think about!”

Video link: PlantLife’s ‘The Last Song’ live-clip from Cargo, London, 25 November 2004 available to view, Windows Media only.

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PlantLife’s single ‘The Last Song’ is released 30 May 2005 by HedKandi